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Terms of Service

1. Refunds

1.1 DankHaX offers services that do not have a refund policy, unless otherwise stated on DankHaX's website. Refunds are an additional service that is under the following rules and limitations.

1.2 All refunds are at the discretion of DankHaX. A request for a refund can be denied for any reason.

1.2.1 The amount refunded is also at the discretion of DankHaX.

1.3 The standard refund time is 24 hours (unless otherwise stated). This can be extended by a member of DankHaX staff.

1.4 Refunds shall always be handled through DankHaX staff. Any claims/disputes through payment providers might lead to products/services being removed from your account or your account being suspended.

1.5 A suspended account and/or products is not a reason for a refund, unless otherwise stated.

2. Usage

2.1 Misuse of DankHaX services will lead to disciplinary action, which might include suspension of account and/or products/services.

2.2.1 The following use cases are considered misuse of any DankHaX products/services: Malicious, misleading, scamming, impersonating and anything that might cause harm and/or damage to people, servers, property, digital property/items.

2.2 DankHaX services/products are only for education and solo recreational usage.

2.3 Any attempt to copy, distribute or reverse-engineer any DankHaX software/hardware is considered misuse and will be subject to disciplinary action.

2.4 All accounts on DankHaX are personal and are not to be shared with anyone.

2.4.1 This also means having multiple accounts in an attempt to abuse any services provided by DankHaX is not allowed.

3. Purchases

3.1 All purchases must be made through DankHaX website or by a member of DankHaX staff.

3.2 Any attempt to abuse/cheat/hack any payment system will lead to suspension of your DankHaX account and/or services/products.

3.3 Products purchased via non-instant payment methods (PayPal eCheque, BitCoin, etc) will be available after the payment has cleared.

3.4 Any purchases via stolen or fraudulently obtained accounts, credit cards, BitCoins, etc. will be reported to the police and lead in your account and services/products being suspended permanently.

4. Community

4.1 DankHaX is not responsible for anything that happens in any form of social media platform under DankHaX brand.

4.2 Any sort of scamming, deceiving, unauthorized selling, spreading of malicious files or impersonating in any community administered by DankHaX will lead in a removal from the community.

4.3 Not following the rules set in the social media platform will lead in disciplinary action.

4.4 Not respecting/obeying staff (under normal circumstances) will lead in disciplinary action.

5. Punishments

5.1 All punishments and disciplinary actions are at the discretion of DankHaX.

5.2 Punishments can go from warnings to permanent suspension on all of your DankHaX accounts and products/services.

5.3 Punishments can only be lifted by a member of DankHaX staff.

5.3.1 Any attempt to circumvent a punishment will be punished.

6. Referrals

6.1 All referrals must be done via the official DankHaX referral system.

6.2 Referrer gets 10% from purchases by people who they have referred.

6.3 Money generated via referrals can be withdrawn from the DankHaX website.

6.3.1 Referral money must be withdrawn by a member of DankHaX staff.

6.3.2 Minimum withdraw amount is €50.00 EUR.

These terms are subject to change at any time without notice.